Beating the drums of justice & equality in Winnipeg The most racist city in Canada.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

In the New Year 2018, I will ask my whanau (Family) in Aotearoa New Zealand who are on Facebook. To push the button on my site, and hopefully (and it will) go viral, and the word will get out along the electric puha vine. I worked with the Original Peoples of Canada in the early 2000's, I say Original, because unbeknown to APTN the word ABORIGINAL is RACIST (Get with it ABORIGINAL PEOPLES [SO CALLED] TELEVISION NETWORK). I've  sat right inside the office, in Ottawa, of the Great National Chief Wallawalla Larry "Phillip" Fontaine, donated over $30k to the kick back kid from Sagkeeng First Nations, and sponsored a First Nations graduates dinner. I've seen it all in my day. The luxury and the money in brown paper bags being given under the table. The nepotism, the RCMP interview..."Did you see anything inappropriate in your time there, concerning "CHILDREN"? Hush is the word!!! The sell outs to PIPELINES, oil and gas!!! The Virginia Fontaine scandal etc, etc. MY FIRST WORDS TO LARRY... "I HAVEN"T SEEN SO MUCH POVERTY within your people here in CANADA in SUCH A RICH NATION, . "NOT MY PROBLEM, I GOT UP, SO CAN THEY".... Larry Phillip Fontaine.

Even in the lockup, YEP been there too, under another FALSE ATTACK cleared my name there to, ALL BY MYSELF. The place is FULL of original peoples. Corrupt cops, the list goes on and on. One wannabe GANG member came up to me, he was from Sagkeeng, making out to be some sort of a Tough Guy... "I'm into mixed martial arts fighter" he ployed!! ..."One of us is going to DIE and it isn't going to ME, I'm NGATIKURI" the punk got the message...I have no problem ripping his throat out with MY TEETH... (Hollywood Movie Speak)...

From the vast sums of money given to those like LARRY and CO. To the poor original folk DRUGGED UP, DRUNKED UP, CRACKED UP, HUNGRY BEGGING, FILTHY, URINATING, DEFACATING  AND DYING ON THE STREETS OF WINNIPEG and a hierachy of individuals who don't give a damn.... I SAY THIS TO YOU APTN . YOU HAVEN'T GOT KAHUNA's TO CONFRONT THE REAL NEWS...

Haimana Romana 1
Haimana Romana Simon Romana


You have a "Fabricator of News" in Your midst, and her name is HOLLY MOORE. I have already proved in Court that she is a LIAR with the withdrawal of her 2 Superstars in the stories that she penned about me. She is an opportunist and SHE WILL MANIPULATE AND BAIT the First Nations women that she will interview, she has no SOUL OR COMPASSION for the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, she is as I allege a RACIST and a SANIST and a LADDER Climber, and she will use the tears and the heartache of the MISSING thousand Indigenous women, to her personal advantage, MOORE is a BAITER and LIAR. Sue me in open Court, and I'll back APTN up all the way.

On my site there is satire, joking, serious issues and one may not get a handle on all of the events. I WOULD BE FOOLISH TO PLACE MY 4 ACES AND A JOKER on my site from THE LAWSUIT I HAVE AGAINST MOORE & CO, CBC AND OTHERS, THE GAME IS CHESS NOT CHECKERS. TAKE THE TIME INVESTIGATIVE TEAM:

Haimana Romana Simon Romana


Two defendants have withdrawn and 3/4 of the work to finish off McKenzie's is done. McKenzie he doesn't have a defence or he would have filed one.

The scally wag has been hiding from service for 2 years. Already we are down 3 defendants, 3 more to go, the CBC Holly Moore and Gosia Sawicka.

Next step, I intend to take Gosia out first in a motion for summary judgment.

That will leave CBC and Moore. Once Gosia is out in summary judgment Moore will fold.

Then summary judgment against the CBC. But, before that, I am going to do a private prosecution against CBC, Moore and Sawicka for Defamation Libel under the Canadian Criminal Code.

Billionaire Peter Nygard set the precedent in April of this year in the Manitoba Court of Appeal against the same defamers the CBC and a couple of their dead beat reporters and producers as well.

It would be nice to see some folk in jail. Thanks Peter Nygard.

Holly Moore and Gosia Sawicka

Holly Moore and Gosia Sawicka are no longer working at their cushy number the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Did they get fired? Contract not renewed? This information came out in court.

Moore under the pseudo name Kristine Lauder contacted a woman who wishes to remain anonymous at this moment, on Facebook this was in August of 2015.

She, spoke  to Moore for over 2 hours on 2 separate occasions after Moore was served with a statement of claim. In one conversation Moore revealed to her that she had contacted Medland and asked her why she had lied to her about Hai Romana? Ms Medland didn’t respond.

Knowing that Moore knew that Medland had told untruths  to her, the witness said that “surely your obligated to retract the story about Hai, that would be the right thing to do? Moore replied that Romana doesn’t have a reputation so it doesn’t matter. The woman who made a record of the conversation is prepared to swear an affidavit, and appear in court if necessary.

Moore said, that as an investigative reporter she had had verbal threats before and threatening phone calls from others that she had reported on. But with Romana she was so afraid at night with nightmares of him she had to seek counselling. Well Moore I guess your guilt is starting to rise up within you. I find that sad, no one should be in fear! But on the other hand your trying to shift the blame onto Mr Romana..... He caused her fear, nice try Moore, nice try!

Just to let you know the gentleman to the left of Hai above, ate the Colonial soldiers (Euro New Zealander's) for supper during the Maori land wars of New Zealand in the 1800’s. As a Euro Canadian, as Moore is, those first settlers could've been your great-great-uncles or distant relatives; Could be, could be?

Well! You Moore and Sawicka, like Hai! Are immigrants (their familes were) to this great country, Canada, but because of the colour of his skin, his long hair, his accent, the challenges he has with his mind and his ancestry, Moore and Sawicka singled him out. You both put yourself in a superior position to Hai because you both have an advantage over him as a fellow immigrant to Canada because your both are White, and he is Brown.

All I say to you is shame on you both, of all things Moore is hiding away at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, to try and convince people that she is not a bigot? Or possibly she had a epiphany and realised she is both, a bigot and sanist and wanted to learn; How to unwind her hate.

Ms Medland and Mr Wessner

Katherine Medland and Boris Peter Wessner have Withdrawn their whole defence. This is how gutless the corporate CBC are, they tossed their stars under the bus earlier on in this lawsuit, and left the couple to defend themselves.

The Couple withdrew their defence declaring No Contest.

They contacted me and said that they "don't have an excuse! But they do have an explanation." I listened to their explanation!

Everyone in life has a story, their one is actually a sad and touching story for which I need to ponder about and consider what to do about it, with respect to my court action.

I believe in the power of forgiveness is greater that the power of hate, yet I reserve the right to seek default judgment.

If you click on the above picture it is a link, you will hear and view the alleged racist, sanist and defamatory broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about Haimana (Simon) Romana. The story was broadcast around the world on September 2, 2014 to millions of viewers.

The following is an overview of the story and one can only imagine the impact an devastation it had on Mr Romana and his family, world wide. His story started in Washington D.C 10 years ago, over a project to dispose of the biosolids there at the Long Plains Water Treatment Station.

Hamish McKenzie

NO SHOW. The coward has been avoiding service for  2 years we've got him covered. CBC throws career defamer- informant McKenzie under bus. No representation from the CBC for this crita. Hai sued McKenzie for another under handed matter in the High Court of Auckland, New Zealand in 2009.

After an amicable out of court settlement McKenzie gave his defamatory story that he penned, to Holly Moore of the CBC for a fee.

McKenzies handiwork is a cut and paste job by Moore and Sawicka. This a**se bandit is the real defaming mcCoy.

He used to work for Tesla and Kik and now is a partner in a article writing learn how to defame website

He is as nasty as they come. Bitch!

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

Senior Counsel for Aikens Law representing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations and the defamer Moore and Sawicka. Brother became Queens Bench judge just recently as did Madam Justice Grammond.

Represented CBC in motion to strike Hai's statement of claim. Afterwards took maternity leave to be a mum, good on her. Replaced by Mr Propopanko.

Counsel for CBC from Aikens, curteous and formidable foe, honest and my pic for a Queens bench Judge.

Has to figure out now how to save his clients Moore and Sawicka from a motion for Summary Judgment.

Senior Legal Counsel for CBC, the gate keeper a sook who threw his pen across the room when under cross examination.

I don't think Sean is going to survive this debacle, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the pink-slip. As for a shot at the bench my prediction is "HE WILL GET  BENCHED.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

The family of Haimana Romana who the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation attacked

Gosia Sawicka on the 6.00 pm CBC News broadcast September 2, 2014: ....He calls himself Hai here but he is also known as Simon Romana a New Zealand Native now living in Winnipeg. Over the last 2 years he’s been involved with a local organization for artist with mental illness.

This is my family that you hurt Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. No one is going to call any member of my family a NEW ZEALAND NATIVE! NO ONE! NOT YOU The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, NOT YOU Holly Moore, NOT YOU Gosia Sawicka or you Hamish McKenzie.

Katherine Medland and Boris Peter Wessner have Withdrawn their whole defence. This is how gutless the corporate CBC are, they tossed their stars under the bus earlier on in this lawsuit, and left the couple to defend themselves.

The Couple withdrew their defence declaring No Contest.

They contacted Mr Romana and said that they "don't have an excuse for their actions. But they do have an explanation." I listened to their explanation!

Everyone in life has a story, their one is actually a sad and touching story for which I need to ponder about, when I have to consider what to do about it, with respect to my court action.

Moore and Sawicka used the couple to attack Mr Romana, virtually allegedly placing words in their mouths? I don't know the real story, but you can sure read between the lines and see the outcome and the effects. What Moore and Sawicka didn't realize is that McKenzie used them all as his Winnichurian Candidates.

BSD Solutions frontman Darrell Driver opened his big mouth to the CBC and said that "The Hai" owes his company $500,000.00 plus interest.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

The Court battle begins

After 2 motions before a trial before a Judge and Jury. First The CBC attempted to strike out Mr Romana's claim before Master Berthaudin in the Winnipeg Queens bench, motion dismissed in February of 2015. Secondly in March by of 2017 Mr Romana's applied for and interlocutory injunction to force the CBC to take down the defamatory and racist material.

Justice Grammond with her hands tied after a 6 month reserved decision dismissed Mr Romana's motion the trial is still to come. You can read the decision of Haimana v The CBC et al here.....

[85]     ... Mr. Romana did not provide an undertaking as to damages as required by Queen’s Bench Rule 40.03.  Given the nature of the relief sought on the motion, which involves the broader public interest and human rights as opposed to commercial or pecuniary interests, I am ordering that this requirement be dispensed with in this case.


[86]      Pursuant to the Liberty Net test, the motion is dismissed.  Costs are awarded to the CBC Defendants in any event of the cause.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

Sawicka on the 6:00 pm CBC News Broadcast September 2nd 2014

GOSIA SAWICKA for the CBC....This is what Sawicka narrated to the world on television and the internet..... He calls himself Hai here but he is also know as Simon Romana a New Zealand Native now living in Winnipeg. Over the last 2 years he’s been involved with a local organization for artist with mental illness. His colourful paintings have been featured at a Winnipeg Hospital and a church, but to Katheryn Medland Romana is an inventor with a big idea....

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

This CBC story is now a debunked and is defamatory. It is a story laced with alleged discrimination and sanism.

Mr Romana will now work to have the CBC's broadcasting license in Manitoba cancelled.

The CBC, Fabricators Gosia Fazio-Sawicka and Holly Defamer Moore stunned by withdrawal of defence by there Winnichurian Candidates.$20,000,000 Fish hooked!

Then it happened, defendants Ms Katherine Medland and Boris Peter Wessner totally withdraw their statement of defence, leaving the other defendants scrambling for cover to mitigate DAMAGES. Here's what the Queens Bench Rules state about persons who withdraw their Statement's of Defence.



Notice of withdrawal

23.04(1) A defendant may withdraw all or part of the statement of defence with respect to any plaintiff at any time by filing, and serving on all parties, a notice of withdrawal of defence (Form 23B),but

(a) where the defendant has crossclaimed or made a third party claim, leave to withdraw must be obtained from the court; and

(b) where the defendant seeks to withdraw an admission in the statement of defence, rule 51.05 (withdrawal of admission) applies.

Withdrawal of whole defence

23.04(2) Where a defendant withdraws the whole of the statement of defence, the defendant shall be deemed to be noted in default.


A defendant who has been noted in default,

(a) is deemed to admit the truth of all allegations of fact made in the statement of claim; and

(b) shall not file a statement of defence or take any other step in the action except,

(i) with leave of the court, or

(ii) with the consent of the plaintiff and any co-defendant who has obtained an order to note default under subrule 19.01(3).


Haimana Romana Simon Romana

The Decisions

Here are both the decisions of Madam Justice Candace Grammond and His Honour Master Shayne Berthaudin in the matter of Haimana Romana vs The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Holly Moore, Gosia Sawicka, Katherine Medland, Boris Peter Wessner and Hamish McKenzie.

On the September 25th 2017, Madam Justice Candice Grammond dismissed my motion for an interlocutory injunction you can read her decision here. It's a good decision and it opens the way  to the Court of Appeal of Manitoba .

A trial is still going to be held in front of a judge and jury when the CBC get affidavits to support their story, if they can find anyone. With 3/4 of their story gone; What options do they have, Capitulate? Surrender? The more you hang on CBC the MORE MALICE, that you bring to the Jury.

I guess they will try to fight Hai and try to maintain their alleged bigotry and sansim just because they can. How about behind bars? So thanks to Madam Justice Grammond for waiving the damages now here we go on to the Manitoba Court of Appeal. I appreciate the pathway that she opened up for me and my family.

And thank you to Master Shayne Berthaudin for not striking out my amended statement of claim last year.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

Then:....It happens, it happens "down goes Frazier!!!, down goes Ms!......Down goes Mr!......down goes the CBC? AND JONO GALUSZKA and FAIRFAX NZ your next!

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

Holly Moore

Also known as Kristine Lauder. Be careful of this journalist she lied from the very first conversation she had with Hai Romana on Facebook. Lauder attempted to entramp Romana, stating her real motives for her story was "I want to write about your art!"


Haimana Romana


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Holly Moore, Gosia Sawicka,

Katherine Medland, Boris Peter Wessner and Hamish McKenzie

Gosia Sawicka

Gosia Sawicka can't claim that she played a lesser part in the broadcast because she was just the narrator. She was heavily involved in the whole production and 'Hit Job" on Hai Romana.

Her voice and questions to Ms Medland and Mr Wessner vilify her in every aspect of the stories. Gosia Sawicka was the "Mindscaper for the video broadcast, "He calls himself Hai, but his name is Simon Romana a New Zealand Native....." That's Sawicka's handiwork and she is a professional at Mindscaping.

Here is her new vocation "Mindscaping" folk. The advertizing is for those people who wish to look at the business of an alleged racist and defamer. Here it is here

(911) 666-9966



He caught me on the counter (It wasn't me) He saw me bangin on the sofa (It wasn't me) I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me) He even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)

BREAKING NEWS……BREAKING NEWS….. CBC RACIST AND DEFAMATORY STORY COLLAPSES…. Main Actors and defendants in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations Online broadcast and story defaming and discriminating against Mr Haimana Romana! defendants Withdraw their statement of defence in $20,000,000 defamation suit in the Queens Bench in Winnipeg

Withdrawal of the CBC Superstars their main defendants click

A critical project that was worth over $1 billion to any successful tenderer, only to be sabotaged by the bigotted defaming journalist Euro-New Zealander HAMISH McKENZIE.

After a battle in the High Court of New Zealand between Mr Romana, APN NZ Ltd and McKenzie, he sued them for defamation. It eventuated in an honourable settlement, so Mr Romana thought. It was undermined again by the serial defamer McKenzie in another story he helped pen.

This time McKenzies dirty handiwork came through the backdoor of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, brothers in arms, cloaked with alleged racism and sanism, the pair teed up together to attack Mr Romana again.

Using Holly Moore and Gosia Sawicka as his deputies, McKenzie weaved his web of deception again. Bigotry never dies it alway's BORN AGAIN with likes of alleged white supremecists like McKenzie, who are always on the loose.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are desparate to finger Romana for anything, after the collapse of their defamatory story. Here is the waste to energy plant in Washington DC that supposedly never started up.

The waste to energy plant that did start up and the company Ira NRG was awarded the ultimate prize back in 2006, only to lose it all, because of a dawn raid attack by defaming journalist Hamish McKenzie.

"Objection! Hai Romana is attempting to lead the witness

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

"Broke, can't afford a lawyer, Is someone defaming you?

Never Fear " The Hai is Here!

If the sock don't fit. Don't sweat it! Or you'll regret it

Is THE CBC or any other news organization DEFAMING YOU?

Don't get Sucker Punched by some bigshot media outfit,

Fight Back Take the Course $250



Operators are here now to take your call

(Ps Have your credit card ready, we don't take American Express or CBC Corporate credit cards)CALL NOW CALL NOW

(911) 999-6666

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana


Haimana Romana Simon Romana
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation made up, cut

Check to see Queens Bench Rules, click here!

Click Statement of Claim to View

View McKenzies resume!

View Holly Moore's resume!

View Gosia Sawicka's resume!

View CBC's resume!


Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

Canadian taxpayers now on the hook for $20,000,000. A Legal Beagle for the CBC Shane Mormon a devotee of Joseph Smith is now scrambling to save his career.

Pipi Toheroa Satire reporting from:

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu a small town in rural New Zealand.

Shane Mormon the CBC wannabe "Perry Mason" attempted to bribe a Court of Appeal Judge from Winnipeg. A last ditch attempt to turn things around for the CBC, in the Romana v CBC et al defamation case.

Word has it, that Mormon was seen carrying a duffle bag full of money to Hong Hings, a "world famous chinese restaurant" down on Ellice.

Before he got to sit down at a table, 3 bandits appeared, a scuffle insued, a cork gun was pulled by one of the assailants, the gun was fired, the cork hit Mormon point blank between Morman's blank eyes. It knocked him semi unconscious, and the robbers got away with the loot.

Winnipeg Police put an APB out for the culprits described as caucasions, with bald heads, of West European-Canadian descent, possibly an Englishman, a Scotsman, and a Poleman. They are armed but not dangerous. Do not approach them, they could be workers from a group in Winnipeg for artist's with mental illness.

Bait backfires

Manitoba Court of Appeal Chief Justice Margaret Trudeau , yes you guessed it. Prime Minister Justine Trudeau's mum was having some nice wonton soup there. Trudeau was waitng for Mormon. She had know idea, that the money that was stolen from Morman was intended to bribe her.

The meeting was arranged by CBC insiders, the money was to be donated to the charity ArtCharity Studios. Trudeau is an Honorary board member of ArtCharity.True to form Mormon, tried to sucker punch everybody and use the moolah in attempt to bribe Trudeau.

According to sources, the empty duffle bag was found by police in a BFI bin outside CBC headquarters on Portage. Inside the bag, police found a fax with instructions to Morman from executive staff from CBC in Quebec, detailing  the plan for the bribe.

Bongocanvas has a copy of the fax from the anonymous source. The situation is out of control, 6 CBC staff are now in handcuffs for the alleged attempted bribe of AJustice Trudeau, it is expected that other "Heads Will Roll."

More-mon bait gets swift justice

It was overheard by a waitress on the scene, that AJustice Trudeau was very upset, lost control, then yelled "YOU BAITED ME! YOU ASSHOLE"... WHERE'S THE MONEY FOR THE CHARITY MORMON?... In this town, "MONEY TALKS BULLSHIT WALKS!

Trudeau then used a "leading right", a boxing skill that she learned from her son Justin, when he dropped Senator Brazeau last year. Just like she was reliving the fight of Trudeau v Brazeau, she plunged her dainty fists, right on target with tremendous force ,"THE CORK", then ultimately plunged deeper into Mormon's thick skull, KOing him.

Simon Romana

Justice baiting won't get you off the hook

Fortunately for Mormon, Dr Sanji Gupta from CNN was visiting town and was in Hong Hing's at the time. He saved Mormon from the non life threating cork, by performing small brain surgery on Morman with a pair of chop sticks. Mormon recovered at the scene and was promptly arrested by the RCMP.

He was booked for the alleged graft , and released on bail for the sum of $5,000,000. CBC insiders put up the money on the grounds that he doesn't finger them.

BREAKING NEWS: Recent tip that just came in, it can't be confirmed. The bandits seemed to be associates of Mormon, the robbers get away vehicle identified as a CBC van. These individuals armed with a popgun seemed to have stolen the money with impunity and just disappeared.

Later on in the afternoon Charly Hohepa a local, was arrested as a suspect in the robbery. He had pawned a popgun and a cork at Chochi's, the owner Norm of the shop rang the cops. Hohepa was later released, it turned out that he had found the gun floating on the Red river near the forks.

Pipi Toheroa Satire for (Bongocanvas News!).

Footnote Bongocanvas news has reached out for comment from the CBC defendants, as per this stage in these events, still no comment.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

The Multi-Cultural Heritage of Wiremu Romana a Maori Canadian

By Hai Toheroa Bongocanvas News: Winnipeg, Manitoba|| Saturday, March 18, 2018 1:50 AM


The Romana family that the CBC attacked callings them NATIVES!

Don't call my family from Aotearoa, New Zealand Natives! Bitch!

"Secret Snitch tells all"


The defamatory (proven now) online attack by the CBC, Holly Moore

(aka Kristine Lauder) and Gosia Sawicka. The story is laced with alleged racism, sanism and copyright infringement and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It is a sickening demonstration of the power of Main Stream Media.

quote from Hai... Everyone has the right to Freedom of Expression but only the privileged are heard..WM



The ruthless attack began on Facebook by Holly Moo

Love him or hate him, but Haimana Romana is a formidable foe to any of his rivals, so were his tupuna's (ancestors), Maori and British.

In the county of Warwickshire, near the town of Ruby at Newbold on Avon in the year of 1759, on the 17th of April John Norman (Hone Romana in Maori), married Jane Liggins. The couple had 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy, one of the boys names was William (Wiremu).

It was William the one boy, he alone was to keep the name "Romana" going for the family and without him, the Romana family of the far North of New Zealand would never came to be, and this site would have never been published.

Wiremu at 28 married Mary Jee, the daughter of Tom and Mary Jee. Mary also had a younger brother named Tom who was born in 1771. They got married at Bulkington on the outskirts of Rugby. They also had six children 3 girls and 3 boys.

One of the boys Edward, who was 25 years old, when the game of rugby was first started at the local school. Edward married Elizabeth Alibone, at Bilton on 30th December 1830, she was the daughter of Tom Alibone and Sarah Walton.

Although this was the period of the industrial revolution, when industry was really getting underway and coal fired STEAM ENGINES, were everywhere around nearby Birmigham, Edward and Elizabeth farmed 600 acres in the Hamlet of Cosford. A small hamlet of 15 houses and 71 inhabitants.

They employed 16 workers and together with their families, occupied 6 houses with 32 inhabitants by 1851.

The census papers for Cosford in the years 1841 and 1851, reveal that the homestead on the property at no. 86 Cosford was a large building with servants and guest's quarters, where governess and nurse together with 5 other servants lived in the same dwelling, as Edward and Elizabeth and their nine children.

Two of the children of Edward and Elizabeth, John and Thomas (Hone and Tamatea) joined the British Army in Hillmorton and were shipped off to New Zealand about 1860.

Exclusive interview with Haimana Romana after 1st two defendants fall in Defamation, Human rights and Public interest case... Romana v the CBC et al.  Victory is nigh just a breath away... Quote by Churchill.. “Never give in. Never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.

Tamatea (Thomas) became a Leiutenant in the 1st Waikato Regiment and was killed in action at "Bald Hill" Mauku, near Patumahoe on 23rd October 1863. His remains are that Drury cemetery where a fine monument stands in his memory.

Tamatea was carrying the payroll for the troops of is company from Papakura when he came across a skirmish, which had developed when some of his company, had disturbed a group of Maori slaughtering beef, in a clearing below bald hill.

He was felled by a musket shot which embedded the British bank notes in the clay bank behind him. It is said that before he died he hid the money in his bugle.

The bugle was never found but the money emerged some 50 years later. When a Maori from another tribe many miles away tried to pay a court fine with it. He had garnered it from  a victim years before during an inter-tribal foray, and the bank notes still had the traces of clay and blood caked on them (This information came from the curator of the Papakura Historical Museum)

Hone meanwhile had travelled North to the Parengarenga harbour, where he married a local girl from Te hapua, Ihapera Tipene. The multi-cultural couple had 3 children:

Alice, Henry and Thomas.

These 3 were the FIRST GENERATIONS OF ROMANAS (NORMANS) with Maori ancestry. They were to become dominant on the Ngatikuri peninsular as their forebears in Warwickshire.

The census papers of Te Hapua, Te Kao or Ngataki would each probably exceed the percentage of Romanas (Normans) per capita than the Cosford census of 176 years ago.

The descendants of these 3 are many, and have spread afar with Romana's now living in both the most Northen and Southern parts of Aotearoa (New Zealand) as well as throughout the world.

Thomas and John originally came to New Zealand to supress and opress the Natives, on behalf of the British Empire in the reign of Queen Victoria. Thomas was killed in action at Drury and after the wars, John headed North to Parengarenga harbour, and fell in love with Haimana's great-great-grandmother Ihapera Tipene.

Ihapera Tipene's father was Whakaruru Waitai-Tipene, a Rangitira. (one of the great Chiefs of the Ngatikuri)

So now CBC, this is the Multicultural heritage of Haimana Romana's Canadian son Wiremu Romana, and all of his other children, Teresa, Leah, Serita, Amy, Jay, Lisa, Chloe, Georgia. All of his children and grandchildren are Maori from the tribe of the Ngatikuri. They are not Natives, CBC, they are Maori- the term Native is derogatory, offensive and insensitive to Mr Romana and his family.

Wiremu, is the "EPITOMY OF THE MULTICULTURAL HERITAGE OF CANADIANS. Wiremu's heritage through his great-great-great-grandfather Whakaruru Waitai-Tipene and his British great-great-grandfather John Norman (Hone Romana) are not a joke, and are not to be mocked or to be used to sell advertizing, for financial gain CBC!

Hai's Maori Canadian son's, grandfather, William (Bill) Dinney was a pilot officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force during WWII. He was attached to 550 squadron in the UK during the war. Bill Dinney was the navigator in a Lancaster bomber that flew over the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

A few days later in another sorty his bomber was shot down over France, he was able to parachute out safely. Only Wiremu's grandfather and another crew member survived the ordeal.

He was rescued by the French resistance and eventually was returned back to Britain. He is the handsome young man 4th from the left with the cigarette in his mouth.

Wiremu's great-greatuncle John Romana fought in France in World War I, and his uncle Charlie Romana (Petera) World War II in the 28th Maori Battalion. Ngatikuri soldiers have fought in all the major wars of the 20th and 21st century, and have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Charlie is pictured below here; click the picture and the link takes you to the Ngatikuri Trust Board.

In 1948 the Parliament of New Zealand removed the demeaning word NATIVE and changed it to MAORI in all of it's legislation, the word is MAORI not NATIVE CBC.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana

The Englishman Doug Williams failed gasifier pictured above in Winnipeg, Manitoba. William's designs were flawed right from the get go.

Doug William's blamed Romana for the failure. Williams incompetance and lack of engineering expertise, cried on the CBC national television that Romana altered his design.

Sure as the sun rises in the east and then sets in the west, like a devotee of Tony Blair, he made Hai the scapegoat.

William's collected fees and worked illegal in Canada at the time. "My designs were only for wood pellets" he said. Your'e right Williams, your designs were only for wood pellets. Romana's designs were for "Biosolids from Wastewater Treatment stations and Municipal Solid Waste, oranges and bananas Williams.

Romana left the project in 2005 over a dispute over technology. Hai took his technology to Washington DC and proved it successfully there, that Biosolids from a Wastewater Treatment plant could be successfully reduced in volume and produce, renewable energy/electricity at the same time. Romana's success was to be undermined later by the serial defamer and racist Hamish McKenzie from New Zealand.

When CBC spoke to Doug Williams he said Romana owed him $50,000 according to Holly Moore, the CBC now proven defaming journalist. News to me Williams?


Williams made a career change later in life, reflexsogni. He was caught sliding his middle finger in to the bum of one of his clients who didn't appreciate it. The word out there is, that it was my old high school music teacher Max Cryer.

In 2003 Hugh Munro Construction built this gasifier using a Fluidyne design, from Doug Williams. The gasifier failed.

When it was first fired up it  operated like an incinerator, and Williams packed his bag up and got on the next flight back to New Zealand, the same day.

It was only on the genius of Haimana Romana and his retrofit that the gasifier was able to make a cutting edge break through for the disposing of Biosolids/ and Paper Sludge from Municipal Waste Water Treatment Stations and pulp and paper mills. Making renewable energy in the process.

The University of Manitoba, in conjunction with Manitoba Hydro and the City of Winnipeg did an evaluation of the gasifier. You are able to review the report here.

So much for a failed gasifier CBC, Holly Moore and Gosia Sawicka read the report, and eat crow. Romana was the Chief Technologist for SunGas Energy at the time.

The technology could be used today here in Winnipeg. It worked in Washington DC so it can work here!

Hai and SunGas Energy Technology Click here

Doug Williams failed gasification design

couldn't even gasify wood.

First NRG/Ira NRG Technology Washington DC



Canadian taxpayers now on the hook for $20,000,000. Legal Beagle for the CBC Sean Moreman scrambling to mitigate the fallout. It's over Sean, It's over, you have met your Nemesis, his name is Haimana Romana. CBC Defamation immunity is over. PAY UP MOREMAN by the way, "The Hai", doesn't take American Express or CBC Corporate credit cards.



Now that's not quiet true Driver and you know it's so. Windell and I gave you $500,000.00 in bankdrafts and cash! It's now on the record in court.

Your cheap shot and ploy, has now got the ears of Canada Revenue Agency, the  taxman.

You sued me so that you could get a tax write down against your profits for the tax year 2005 & 2006, ain't kosher to the auditor that I SPOKE TO.

I'm singing Driver, I'm singing chump and it's a sweet song. The plant, that you built for  Windell and Romana was contracted for $150,000.00 I have  the note. So why did you inflat the price? I know you did Driver and so does Revenue Canada Agency now. As for collecting your imaginery 3/4 of million dollars Driver, The Statutes of Limitation have trumped you. The Hai owes you ZERO.

Charles Zubriski and Jeff Chartrand, I'm not even going to bother about those pieces of work. You can read about their shananagism here soon!

Chartrand & Zubriski







The attack on Haimana Romana and his family

by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was an attack on the

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom section 27 and is alleged Hate Speech Propoganda.

27. "This Charter shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians."

The Court challenge begins in

"The Court of Queens Bench Winnipeg Manitoba"

with this Statement of Claim:

Cause of Action:


Breach of Privacy

Breach of Copyright

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Hai's Gasifier a Success

Hai's Gasifier a Success Click

The Multi-Cultural Heritage of Wiremu Romana a "Maori Canadian"

The Pictures above is what this lawsuit is all about.... The Multi-Cultural Heritage of all Canadians.".... Hai Romana knew that the CBC case would fall as time went on, because the accusations were always false....Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive, CBC!... I think that was Shakespeare.

Wiremu's grandfather, Pilot Officer Bill Dinney, said..."I volunteered to go to war, because I didn't want my family to live under the jackboots of the Nazi's HATE, PROPOGANDA & BIGOTRY!

Gosia Sawicka's heritage is Polish. Hai's family helped liberate her people from the Nazi's, and Sawicka wants to call ME, MY SON and FAMILY, NEW ZEALAND NATIVES? Are you insane Sean Moreman thinking you and your boss the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation can get out of this mess that Moore and Sawicka created because of their alleged BIGOTRY and SANISM!

Now that the chips have fallen and the story about me are proven LIES, the arrogant CBC want to fight me all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, so they can have FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION to call indigenous people's of the world, like me and my family NATIVES! GOOD LUCK CBC, YOU HAVEN'T a hope in hell, (where Charles Manson went today), if you think the Supreme Court of Canada is going to side with you! The problem you have CBC is that your LEGAL TEAM JUST WANTS TO RACK UP THEIR FEES....BRING IT ON!

"Everyone has the right to Freedom of Expression, but only the privileged are heard"

... Meremere Wikitoria NZ

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana


There's a guy at the CBC and APTN whose name is Frazier.

i know your watching cbc and APTN to try to figure out how to save yourselves you can't!

Jerry's Story & Zubriski


"I'm a MAORI!

not a NATIVE"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Hai ... in the Court of Queens Bench  Winnipeg 2017,

Haimana Romana


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

et al.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

"Ladies and Gentleman, in the right corner, is young gifted lawyer Robert Propopanko doing his best to defend the alleged "Bigots and Sanist from the CBC. In the left corner is Hai Romana from Te hapua, New Zealand and his pal, McKenzie friend Jerry Vesely. Let's get ready to Rum bbbbbb bbbbbbbble!

Withdrawal of the CBC Superstars SINK CBC click

Haimana Romana Simon Romana





Go down to the Queen's Bench draw out the whole Romana v CBC file and you will see the blantant lying, baiting and cunningness of your investigative journalist MOORE and Sawicka, it's all there for the public to see.... I challenge APTN to do that. MOORE NEEDS TO BE FIRED, GIVE HER A BIG FAT PAYOFF CHECK, SAY GOODBYE ... BUT WRITE THE CHECK OUT TO ME... IT WILL BE COMING MY WAY ANYWAY.

Haimana Romana

Your people who you say you represent APTN, "ONCE WERE WARRIORS' But all they are SLAVES, TO THE HOUSE UNCLE TOMAHAWKS and their MASTERS IN THEIR MANSIONS IN OTTAWA.

My people THE "MAORI" (not Natives Moore) are "WARRIORS AGAIN" and I'm one of them from the tribe of the Ngatikuri. I say that your television station is harbouring a LIAR and an alleged RACIST, SANIST and her name is HOLLY MOORE.

And the gall of it all, is that Moore is writing about the missing 1000 indigenous women as an APTN reporter. Moore has no empathy for indigenous people, she is a ladder climber, who will use her position to possibly devast the task... Take me to Court .... I WELCOME THE CHALLENGE... KA MATE KA MATE KA ORA KA ORA!

Come watch "Once Were Warriors" in January of 2018 at Studio central on Kennedy St. Enjoy the after function commentary on the film by Maori Haimana Romana from the tribe of the Ngatikuri Aotearoa. Timing to be announced shortly.

Haimana Romana Simon Romana



The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network sends the WINNIPEG "THOUGHT POLICE" to the home of Haimana Romana on behalf of their FAKE news journalists. Constable Derksen of the Winnipeg Police Services "THOUGHT POLICE DIVISON", comes to the home of Haimana Romana decked out with "GLOCK, EXTRA BULLETS, BACK UP, HANDCUFFS, BATON, NEW SQUAD CAR......"We need to talk to you Mr. Romana about certain news-breaking emails. We have received a complaint from APTN", thought Police Officer Derksen says to Romana over the phone... Haimana Romana..."Listen Sonny Boy, Do you have a WARRANT??"




There's a New Years surprise coming up in Provincial Court for the "GANG OF 3", trust me (HAI).... WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY!!!!... Haven't you got anything better to do Mr "THOUGHT POLICEMAN"... read the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms section 2 ..... inform yourself before you knock on Hai's door.

Freedom of Expression is not just for APTN & the CBC.......

Greg the Romanov reporting for Bongocanvas news.


Haimana Romana Simon Romana


Haimana Romana 3
Simon Romana
Simon Romana  7
Simon Romana 11
On the extreme left the
Haimana Romana Simon Romana
Haimana Romana Simon Romana

New JOB Click

New JOB Click

Haimana Romana Simon Romana